This training is heavily focused on the art of teaching, sequencing, and anatomy as a means to safely and intelligently guide students through a yoga asana practice. Over the course of 10 weeks you will deepen your understanding of the body and breath to hold space and guide others. Yogic philosophy will be an integral aspect of the curriculum to ensure you are well informed about the origins and history of yoga. The practical application of teaching and developing your own dialogue will be heavily focused on, in order for you to find your own teaching voice. To facilitate this further, we have an immersive hands-on apprenticeship program where we dive even deeper into honing your teaching skills and confidence after the 10-week training program. If reading this excites you in any way, please consider applying!

Our Instructors

Ginger Diaz-Serrano

Ginger taught preschool until she found her calling in teaching Bikram Yoga. Originally just a way to manage her weight, yoga has allowed Ginger to achieve a healthier body and a healthier way of perceiving herself.

With regular yoga practice, Ginger learned to let go of her fear, both in the challenging postures and in pursuing her goals in life. After discovering all these changes in herself, she wanted to help others do the same. In 2010, she decided to establish a yoga studio of her own, which flourished into Evolve Yoga and Fitness in 2015. Furthering her knowledge in yoga, she completed her 200hr Baptiste Live Your Yoga Teacher Training in December of last year. She now manages studios in Alabang and the newly opened branch in Bonifacio Global City.

At Evolve Yoga and Fitness, Ginger and her team are constantly pursuing innovative ways of creating the best yoga experience for everyone. For Ginger, best means being able to change and touch as many lives as possible through yoga. “We believe that it is possible to change the world one person at a time.”

Shinead King

Shinead wasn’t quite sure what she was signing up for when she took her first yoga class. She thought that she’d just be hanging out with one of her friends, maybe getting a green juice and brunch after. But she was very quickly enamored.

The postures gave her the opportunity to work hard, and the alignment kept her striving for awareness. The sweat was her offering, savasana her healing. As she deepened her practice, she experienced parts of herself that felt genuine and true. It was enriching — and she couldn’t get enough.', 'She threw herself into teaching as a means to share her journey and hold space for others to move, breathe, and feel in their own way. She completed her 200-hour Vinyasa and 100-hour Hot Traditional (Bikram Method) certification in New York City and yoga courses in London and Manila.

Yoga has challenged her in surprising and very necessary ways, and brought her steadily closer to her own self. Shinead is confident that it will continue to do so, as long as she shows up, everyday, with wide eyes and an open heart.

Alberto Tafoya

Alberto was a runner before practicing yoga, and definitely could not touch his toes at first! Like running, he really enjoyed that yoga requires very little equipment, that you can stretch and breathe anywhere (and you don’t even need shoes). Over the years he’s been drawn to the simplicity of using just the breath, gravity and focus to allow the body and mind to get stronger and move more fluidly.

He is a longtime practitioner of the Vinyasa style, but had his first teacher training in Hot Traditional Yoga (Bikram Method). He also completed his 200-hour Vinyasa certification and has since trained with many instructors in yoga anatomy and other yoga traditions.

Alberto considers himself to be a lifelong student, hoping that when he’s 80 years old he’d still be moving and breathing — and practicing yoga.

What to Expect

Yoga Asana Practice

Asanas are performed to improve flexibility, strength, and balance. The use of breathing and focus can help relieve stress and anxiety. The poses are not meant to simply be physical exercises but rather used holistically as a mind-body practice to improve physical, mental, and spiritual health.

Posture Clinic

Posture Clinics fine-tune your practice and expand your knowledge and understanding of yoga. Learn everything from the fundamentals to the final expression of each posture. Work through any obstacles and challenges you may be experiencing.

Yogic Philosophy & History

Yoga philosophy can provide you with the devices or techniques to take you in the present moment and be the master of your mind. It gives us a way to grow deep not only in our practice but also as human beings and thereby, broadening our understanding of essence of Yoga. It is not the amount of action but the depth of experience that makes a life rich and fulfilling.

Dialogue Practice

Within the space of intentional, directed inner dialogue, earn the subtler language of the mind, and emotions. As witness, we can observe the tendencies of our thinking mind and our emoting heart-space. As we struggle with the physical body, our mind also sends us feedback.

The Process

Every day there is an element of yoga asana practice, posture clinic (where in we study and discuss postures and alignment), lectures featuring yogic history or philosophy, and dialogue practice where students practice teaching. This is all to ensure that our teacher trainees are fully informed and well equipped to share the practice of yoga with others by the end of the program.

Already excited for this?


As a guest instructor, we have our 2017 100hr Evolve Teacher Training Graduate, Janis De Vera M.D. leading anatomy workshops and lectures so that participants gain a greater understanding and further their knowledge of the body in order to safely and intelligently lead students through a yoga class.

People can expect a lot of time and individual attention from our lead facilitators. We want to ensure that the teacher trainees are getting quality, directed, and personal attention from the lead facilitators. We are far more concerned with guiding and developing a handful of quality, well informed teachers, as opposed to quantity.

Throughout the training we have hands on workshops and lectures that will touch on yoga more so as a way of life, rather than just a physical practice. We will spend time discussing the eight limbs of yoga, yogic history and philosophy, as well as spend every morning meditating and practicing pranayama (breathing techniques) for further exposure and experience.

Every day there is an element of yoga asana practice, posture clinic (where in we study and discuss postures and alignment), lectures featuring yogic history or philosophy, and dialogue practice where students practice teaching. This is all to ensure that our teacher trainees are fully informed and well equipped to share the practice of yoga with others by the end of the program.


I became more conscious with my yoga practice and listened to my body more after I finished teacher training. Since I have studied the poses more in-depth, I have learned how to execute the poses more properly and how to hold it, and I realized that doing the poses properly is really more important than going deep but injuring yourself. Most important of all, I have learned to forgive and smile at myself inspite of and despite of....

Just do it! No one is really ever ready to go to teacher training until you are already doing it... You will never know until you do it! Trust me, it will be the best time of your entire yoga practice!


All we ask is you have an eagerness to learn and a curiosity that can be sustained throughout the process. You must be willing to commit your time and energy to the program and to yourself. A consistent vinyasa practice is not strictly required though it is highly encouraged.

We are willing to tackle this on a case by case basis. If you already know you will be unable to attend a specific weekend or day, please let us know as soon as possible for further discussion. We understand that life must continue outside of the teacher training, however please understand that this is a potentially life changing commitment. Please plan accordingly!

Attendance is mandatory, we take this very seriously! Please arrive promptly to every session, with a readiness to actively engage and participate. Be prepared to take a vinyasa class at the Alabang or BGC studio at least once throughout the week, and to study outside the weekend training hours for quizzes.

Homework will be given periodically and must be submitted on time. You must teach a complete class before graduation.

We are incredibly passionate about sharing the art of teaching yoga and holding space for others to do the same. We stand by establishing a strong foundation of anatomical and postural knowledge so that you're able to confidently and uniquely express yourself as a teacher-- we want to hear your voice, your passion! We care about fostering each individual; playing to your natural strengths and tackling any barriers together along the way. Our apprenticeship program lets us extend this growth even further as the conversation becomes more particular, focused, and tailored to your teaching style and to your classes. We absolutely care about the quality of teachers graduating from this program to intelligently, safely, and passionately share the practice of yoga in the best way that they can.

If you have any questions regarding the training please reach out to us directly at teachertraining@evolveyogaph.com

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